Joe Shortino established Shortino & Associates  in 1985 in Dallas, Texas. Joe Shortino has spent the last 35 years with Shortino & Associates and he has helped build long standing reliable relationships and insurance coverage for individuals, groups, and businesses. We are always here to offer affordable rates and high quality coverage. Our agency originally concentrated on small businesses marketing Group Occupation Accident Coverage. Shortino & Associates takes great pride in reliably covering customers for the past 34 years. Joe  Shortino is a big proponent of the family atmosphere not only in their personal lives but also in their business. Chris Shortino is a multi decade experience insurance and real-estate agent with extensive industry knowledge. 

Today Shortino & Associates has grown to cover Medical, Health, Life, and Accident insurance across the Southern United States. We look forward to hearing how we can help insure your business, family, or yourself. We guarentee to reliably cover our customers into the future at the most affordable price possible.